Carbon Neutral Racing

carbon offsetting certificate
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This article is part of the series following Andy Ringland as he competes in the 2019 Mini Challenge. Click here to read the rest of the series.

Motor racing produces carbon emissions. As an M&E Services engineer, Andy is acutely aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions as much as possible, and this perspective has informed the way he operates AR Motorsport. He is highly conscious of the environmental impact of their emissions, and the fact that were it not for the will of their competitors, these emissions would be zero.

For this reason, AR Motorsport have and will continue to invest in carbon offsetting projects to redress the balance of the CO2 directly emitted by their activities. This year the initiative has planted five trees in projects involving local schools in the Northwest of England; offsetting the equivalent CO2 of all the race and transport fuel consumed during the season.

To further reduce their overall carbon footprint, used tyres are disposed of via environmentally friendly routes and, where possible, re-processed into activated carbon and alternative fuels. As this season draws to a close, AR Motorsport continues to seek ways to reduce their environmental impact now and in the future.