CWC to Sponsor Ben at the World Championships

Ben Gudzelak with Colin Houston, Andreew Ringland and David Walker, three of the directors at Crookes Walker ConsultingPadel is a fledgling sport in Britain, though it is growing quickly. The first two courts were installed in Huddersfield in 2010. By the end of 2017 there were 2,163 players across 22 clubs throughout Britain, with many more clubs planned and under construction.

British Padel is currently seeking full recognition from the UK Recognition Panel, a joint policy comprised of the five sports councils (Sport England, Sport Scotland, UK Sport, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland). Until British Padel becomes a recognised sport there is no public funding available, so has to rely on finance received from players’ membership fees, coaching and private sponsors.

Ben had to dedicate a lot of time and funds to reach his career high ranking of 6 in the British Padel Tour. His expenses for equipment, training and playing tournaments all over the country were in excess of £2,500 for the last year.

Being selected to represent Great Britain was a great honour, but also came with a significant price tag. Ben was faced with paying for his flights to Malaga and Paraguay, plus a contribution to team costs totalling around £1,500. Knowing what a great bunch they are, Ben approached the directors of CWC for sponsorship and was delighted to be told that the business would contribute towards the cost of representing his country.

Ben said of the news, “The sponsorship provided by CWC will enable me to compete on the world stage and gain valuable experience at the highest level. I am very grateful to all of the directors of for kindly giving me the financial support allowing me to pursue my passion for Padel and represent my country. I don’t believe there are many consultancies out there that would have done the same”.

Ben is currently training hard for the Veteran’s Padel World Championships, which kicks off in Malaga on 8th October.

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