Synergy Health, Bradford

Project Title
Synergy Health, Bradford




Key Elements

CWC were appointed by Synergy to carry out the design of the M&E services, supporting irradiation facility extension in their Bradford plant.

Products are received from suppliers, stored in high bay automated racking before being passed through the irradiation facility (to sterilise the product) and then re-stored in the ‘processed’ high bay racking prior to dispatch. The storage, fetching, re-storage and subsequent retrieval is all automated by a specialist supplier.

CWC have been involved in the load monitoring of the existing facility, design of the M&E services to accommodate the requirements of the extension and the process picking systems which resulted in the upgrade of supplies to accommodate all of the above.

The project was carried out while the existing facility remained live.

Careful co-ordination was required with lighting and heating services/distribution to ensure that the robotics would not clash with the installed services.

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