Emerging from Lockdown Services

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The way we occupy buildings is changing, with a plethora of new COVID-19 guidance to implement in the workplace. Are you compliant?

As the lockdown continues to ease, business leaders are faced with the challenge of bringing employees safely back into the workplace. For many businesses this will be no small task, something of which they may have little experience, being undertaken in challenging circumstances.

Success will be dependant on receiving appropriate advice and recommendations for the practical measures which can be applied to each workplace.

Crookes Walker can provide a range of specialist consultancy and design services in relation to the appraisal and adaptation of existing and new buildings services installations including:

  • Risk assessments for the spread of the virus through ventilation systems and human interfaces with building services
  • Recommendations for the reduction of virus transmission through ventilation systems and human interfaces with building services
  • Concept and detailed designs for the adaption and upgrade of building services to facilitate revised traffic flows and staff accommodation prior to reoccupation

We are committed to providing accurate technical advice and information to building managers, owners, landlords and occupiers, helping you successfully translate the guidance into the actions specific to your operations.

The recommendations will be bespoke to each workplace and will reflect the size and type of business, how it is organised, operated, managed and regulated, to ensure compliance with the following guidance:

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