RED WoLF: Pilot Scheme to Reduce Housing Emissions

RED WoLF project logo

Crookes Walker are proud to be involved in the RED WoLF project, a pilot programme which aims to reduce housing emissions across North West Europe.

The RED WoLF Project (Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) will increase renewable energy usage and reduce carbon emissions in homes with photovoltaic panels and no gas connection. Six pilots in the UK, France and Ireland will fit houses with hybrid storage systems merging batteries and storage heaters. The combination of renewable generation and battery storage will remove the mismatch between supply and demand within individual dwellings. Visit the project website for more information.

Crookes Walker are pleased to supporting project partners First Choice Homes Oldham, who are piloting the scheme in 20 new build homes in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Click here to read the latest project newsletter.