QBic Hotel


A modern, quirky hotel with a sustainable ethos.

Located on John Dalton Street, this stunning new hotel is Qbic’s largest to date. The 4-star, pet-friendly hotel prides itself on its innovative, affordable rooms and modern amenities including a restaurant and lounge, gym and meeting room facilities.


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The whole project was driven by Qbic’s desire to create a hotel with the smallest possible environmental impact. This ethos informed the decision to refurbish the existing office block, adding two more floors in the process, rather than starting from scratch. Demolishing the offices and constructing a new building would have been cheaper and easier, but created a much higher carbon footprint.

CWC were commissioned to develop the designs for the internal and external MEP services, putting QBic’s green ambitions into action.

The roof mounted photovoltaic system was designed with 65m2 of panels, generating over 6,000kWh of electricity per year. QBic buys the rest of their energy from 100% renewable sources. The LED lighting system features motion sensors and key card activation, cutting down on unnecessary energy use. The interior finishes and scheme design utilised a number of recycled materials, whilst the innovative build process of the bedrooms reduced the overall on-site build programme.

The result is a modern, innovative hotel which will appeal to today’s eco-conscious travellers.

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