Vita Living, Circle Square


City living with a village feel.

Four residential blocks sit at the heart Circle Square: a carefully crafted, mixed use neighbourhood on the former BBC studio site.




£150 Million


Vita Living


Vita takes a whole new approach to city living. These luxury apartments boast next-level amenities on site and a host of independent shops, cafes and bars on their doorstep. This is city living within a village-like community, where neighbours can socialise and work together throughout the building and outside.

Residents enjoy three floors of shared communal space including private dining rooms, co-working suites and lounge spaces, and a host of other benefits to make city living easy. There’s no compromise on outdoor space either, Symphony Park is the perfect place to walk the dog, attend a yoga class or a live concert, all just outside your front door. The roof terrace offers panoramic views over Manchester and even more space to relax outside.

CWC were involved throughout the project, from concept to the delivery of detailed design and providing a client monitoring role throughout. Systems were designed to meet Manchester City Council’s development energy targets and provide highly energy efficient apartments. VRF Heat pump heating and cooling is used in the amenity and landlord areas, whilst Individual apartments are served by a low carbon wet heating system, controlled via heat interface units.

Low energy apartments with fantastic amenities, in an extraordinary new neighbourhood.

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