Mini Challenge at Cadwell Park

The Flying Panda at Cadwell Park

The Flying Panda at Cadwell Park

Round five of the Mini Challenge kicked off at Cadwell Park on Saturday 8th September, with glorious sunshine over the mountain track.

Andy had a bumpy start to race one when The Flying Panda’s boot popped open unexpectedly. But this was quickly rectified and the race got off to an extremely close start. It remained close throughout for all at the rear of the grid, with no one quite fast enough to commit to a move. Andy’s previous experience going into the gravel at Croft left him slightly apprehensive of overtaking, but it was an exciting race nevertheless.

Overall a challenging and exciting weekend with a really high standard of driving from all competitors.

Andy left with a souvenir as some debris from the track flicked up and took a decent sized chunk out of the windscreen! Something to keep the race engineers busy until the next round at Donnington on 28th September.

See the full race report and vlog on Andy’s website. You can follow Andy’s progress on our social: TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.