Placement Student: Meet Matt

Architectural engineering student Matt is halfway through his one year industrial placement with us. We caught up to see how he’s finding life in the office…

Matthew Collett,industrial placement student at Crookes Walker Consulting

Name: Matthew Collett

Studying: Architectural Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University

Office: Manchester

Job Title: Mechanical Services Technician

How did you become interested in engineering, and building services specifically?

I was always interested in engineering and architecture but I’m not really sure why. Liverpool, where I live, is full of amazing architecture and I found I was good at the required subjects at school! Architectural Engineering/Building Services seemed a good combination of the two.

Why did you choose Crookes Walker for your industrial placement?

I heard they were taking on placement students through a friend on my course who was already working at CWC. After a few conversations and a quick scout of the website, it looked like the kind of company I should definitely apply to. So I did, and here I am!

What are you enjoying so far? Is the work what you expected?

The site visits are really good to see what we’re actually doing and bringing the work to life, otherwise it’s just numbers on a page. The work is not quite what I expected, there’s not as much maths as I thought (which is good!) and we do lots commissioning on-site, which is something I hadn’t really thought about.

Which projects have you been involved with?

I’ve done small bits on lots of projects which has been really interesting. The main projects I’ve been involved with are Circle Square, and St John’s, which are two of the biggest projects we are working on at the moment.

How does work compare to studying?

I feel like I’m learning a lot more useful and applicable things on the job than at university. It’s also really helpful to have lots of extra information and past jobs to draw on when making decisions. Some things which I’ve already done at uni seem much easier within the context of a live project.

What do you like about Crookes Walker?

The work environment and atmosphere are really good here. Everyone is very productive but they are also extremely patient with my endless tirade of questions, no matter how obvious the answer probably is. I feel like everyone is really keen for me to learn and to get me out to sites to see what is actually happening. The social aspect is great as well, we have a lot of informal lunch outings and social events on offer to everyone. Also, the quality of the biscuits is second to none.

What would be your advice to someone considering a career in engineering?

Definitely try and do a placement year, it puts the rest of uni into perspective and gives valuable context to all the modules.

Interested in a placement year with us? Visit our careers page or get in touch.